Group Buy groceries and save

Order household essentials with friends and family... as a group

You save because you buy as a group

Save more than 20% on all the things you buy in a big "monthly shop"

To Freeze

Fresh meat, poultry, bacon, sausages

Household Staples

Coffee, detergent, tins, cooking oil, and more...

We deliver direct from wholesalers and producers

Freybors make it easy to arrange and share bulk orders

You can see what other members of your group want. And help each other complete the group order.

So if you just want four tins from a box of baked beans, that's OK. Other members of your group buy the rest.

It's all about your friends and family

To start a group you just need one other person

There's no risk, no commitment and no obligation for anyone in the group to buy anything.

Why not check out the prices and see how much you stand to save!