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Great tasting,
award winning meat
at wholesale prices
You get access to the same suppliers that traditional butchers and top London restaurants source their meat from

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Do what tastes right

Delivered direct from Smithfield Market

Our meat is sourced from the best wholesalers at the world famous Smithfield market, the same place traditional butchers and top London restaurants source their produce from. Its healthier, fresher and more ethical than buying from a supermarket.

Buy for yourself or form a group

Fill your freezer and save up to 40% on supermarket prices. Bulk buying works best if you team up with a few friends or family members. You share the order and save together.

Free delivery

The order's delivered to you or another member of your group, you pop round to pick up your share. The minimum group order is just £50 and it's free delivery on orders over £80.

Order as and when you want

There's no commitment. Most of our customers order once a month or when their freezers run low.
I have been using Freybors for the last couple of months and love the quality, traceability and the excellent value for money. I wish I had discovered them sooner. Feedback from one of our lovely customers, read more reviews on our facebook page
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