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Diced Stewing Steak (chuck)

£6.87/Kg 4-5
3Kg / £20.61
The longer it cooks for the better it tastes. Great for slow cookers

Hand diced cubes of full-flavoured chuck steak. Juicy and tender when cooked, it's perfect for a hearty beef stew, curry or a steak pie.

Just remember, stewing steak requires long, slow, cooking to tenderise it and release the full flavour. Cook it slowly at a low heat for 2 - 3 hours and it'll be perfect.

  • What's Delivered?

    Delivered in a plain plastic catering bag.

    Some chunks will be a bit tattier than others, some might have more sinew, some tougher. But overall it evens out to great stewing steak.

    There's enough here for about 6 family meals. This is cut from the chuck, which contains lots of muscles. It's the cut that gourmet burger restaurants use for their burgers because it's packed with flavour and contains a bit of fat.

  • What do you need to do?

    Divide into portions and freeze anything you don't plan to eat within a couple of days.

  • How long will prep take?

    5 minutes

  • Refrigeration

    2-3 days

  • Freezing

    2-3 months