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Cumberland Sausages

£4.68/Kg 13 sausages
1 x 1.5Kg Pack / £7.01
Traditional recipe... prime pork, herbs and lots of black pepper

The Cumberland sausage has been around for 500 years. Distinctive because the meat is coarse cut, not minced, which gives the sausage a chunky, meaty texture. Unlike the herb-dominated flavours of other British sausages the flavour of a Cumberland is dominated by black and white pepper.

These are just how a Cumberland sausage should be. Firm and chewy with plenty of pork, but it doesn't dominate the flavour. Carve through them and they crumble into chunky morsels... with all the ingredients on show. Fabulous!

Each sausage weighs approx 75g so you get 13 per kg.

  • What's Delivered?

    Delivered in either a gas flushed tray or on a cling wrapped tray.

  • How long will prep take?

    3 minutes

  • Refrigeration

    1-2 days

  • Freezing

    1 month