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Whole Butchered Lamb

£10.63/Kg 4-6
1 x 22Kg Lamb / £233.86
Fill up the freezer!

Buy a whole grass-fed lamb for yourself, or share it with a member of your group. It's great value for top quality meat.

In Britain sheep spend most of their lives outside, grazing in fields or on hillside pasture. So, it's the most natural free-range meat you can buy. And because it's grass-fed the meat is provably healthier. It has fewer unhealthy fats and higher levels of omega-3 oils, minerals and other trace elements.

Even better, this lamb is dry aged to improve flavour and texture, (supermarket lamb is wet aged in vacuum packs).

  • What's Delivered?

    Delivered in about 5 plain plastic catering bags.

    Butchered on the morning of delivery and put loose into bags.

    This is a whole lamb so you'll need plenty of space in your freezer. You get legs, shoulders, chops, breast and trimmings.

  • What do you need to do?

    Unpack, do a bit of trimming and put into freezer bags. Takes 15 mins.

  • How long will prep take?

    20 minutes

  • Refrigeration

    3-4 days

  • Freezing

    Whole joints 4-6 months

    Chops 2-3 months

    Sliced 2-3 months