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Streaky Bacon (smoked)

£6.24/Kg 32 rashers
1 x 2.27Kg Pack / £14.18
Bacon like it used to taste

Traditionally smoked over natural beechwood chips. First it's hot smoked for 3 hours and then cold smoked for a further 4 hours to allow the smoke to permeate the meat. It's mouth wateringly tasty and full of real flavour.

You can't buy this bacon in the shops. It's made from prime pork by the third generation of a traditional, family run butchery, in a little town in Holland called Lisse.

When cooked, it's soft and succulent, not chewy and tough like mass produced bacon. And it cooks without shrinking or curling.

Before smoking, it soaks in vats for three days in a traditional bacon cure of 3% salt and water solution. But it's not too salty, just packed with good old fashioned flavour.

Made from Dutch pork that meets EU Welfare standards.

  • What's Delivered?

    Delivered vacuum packed.

    A stack of sliced bacon about a foot high.

  • What do you need to do?

    Portion this out and freeze it.

    Don't worry if there's any ice on the pack when it's delivered – you can still freeze it.

    It's best to separate every 4-6 slices with plastic or freezer paper.

    The bacon is lightly frozen before it's sliced, but because it's been salted (and salt has a much lower freezing temperature than water) the meat itself never freezes.

  • How long will prep take?

    5 minutes

  • Safety Notes

    Take care not to puncture the vacuum pack. Store it below 4°C and never let it get above 7°C. Be gentle with it, if you bang it or drop it the meat will lose some of it's moisture. Don't stack heavy things on top of it either.

  • Refrigeration

    7 days

  • Freezing

    1 month