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Gammon Joint

£4.00/Kg 3
5Joint / £20.00
Ready to cook

A whole unsmoked gammon on the bone, cured with a traditional family recipe from a selected pork leg.

Trimmed and ready for roasting or boiling.

It's been cured in brine, so it contains added water.

Made by a family company that's been supplying gammon and ham for four generations. The company started in a small grocers shop in Homerton High Street in East London, from there it moved to a small premises in Walthamstow.

Now based in Leyton, the family supplies the finest quality gammon and ham to restaurants and butchers in London and the Home Counties.

  • What's Delivered?

    Delivered vacuum packed.

  • Safety Notes

    Take care not to puncture the vacuum pack. Store it below 4°C and never let it get above 7°C. Be gentle with it, if you bang it or drop it the meat will lose some of it's moisture. Don't stack heavy things on top of it either.

  • Refrigeration

    Unopened 42 days, once open 3 days.

  • Freezing

    2 months. Freeze on the day it's delivered. Defrost thoroughly and use within 24 hours. Do not refreeze.