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Scrag End

£5.62/Kg 4-5
1Kg / £5.62
Perfect for Irish stew or a winter hotpot

This is one of the most underused cuts, a bit like oxtail once was... before it was discovered by foodies and trendy restaurants.

It's a bit bony, a bit fatty and has less meat than other cuts... but, thanks to the bones, it's packed with flavour.

Traditionally the main ingredient of Irish stew, the scrag or scrag end is an inexpensive cut of lamb from the neck.

It's ideal for slow cooking, so it's usually chopped up and used in stews, casseroles and Lancashire hotpots. The depth of flavour is well worth the extra cooking.

  • What's Delivered?

    Delivered in a plain plastic catering bag.

    There's enough here for about 6 family meals.

    This is cut form the neck, so there's plenty of bone to give it flavour.

  • What do you need to do?

    Divide into portions and freeze anything you don't plan to eat within a couple of days.

  • How long will prep take?

    5 minutes

  • Refrigeration

    2-3 days

  • Freezing

    2-3 months