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Privacy Policy

Here at Freybors we're all for being open and transparent, but not when it comes to peoples personal information. Generally we only collect information so we can improve our website, products and services. To assure you that we're upstanding citizens here's the legal low down.

Freybors will collect information such as (your email address, your name, your address etc.) so that;

  1. We can process your order efficiently
  2. Buying groups can be set up, managed, joined and used with ease
  3. You can be provided with member support
  4. We can send you updates on the latest offers and happenings at Freybors

Freybors cookies, will be stored on your computer to help us make your experience of using the site as easy and fluid as possible. We use them to do things like automatically logging you in and to personalise the site for you so you only see the information that is relevant to you.

All personal information collected by Freybors (e.g your email address, your name, your address etc.) will never ever be sold, rented or leased to any third party.

As a group member you will have the option to share phone number with the manager. This can help the groups work more effectively but at the end of the day its up to you.

Group addresses will be shared with all members who join the group. By setting up a private group, a group manager is able to manage their level of privacy by vetting who is able to join and who isn't.

Open groups can be joined by anyone in the local vicinity.

If you have any questions about our privacy policy please contact us.

Email: hello@freybors.com

Phone: 0208 166 2688